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Known for its polished, contemporary, hotel-like interiors, Design Rebirth is regularly sought after for its signature style that it brings to each project it takes on. Having built a diverse portfolio comprising not just a variety of residential types, but also commercial and retail projects, this interior architecture and design studio continues to see a steady increase in the quantity and quality of projects it takes on.

The dynamic duo that founded Design Rebirth, Victor Loh and Khoon Wah, do more than just create design. They seek to instil a deeper understanding and appreciation of the process. Victor adds, “At Design Rebirth, it starts with the design, followed by the development, the details and finally, the delivery.”

Thanks to this in-depth process, a sense of affluence and sophistication often permeates even the simplest designs produced by the team. It is a distinguishing trait that sets the company apart in this tough industry and it is the reason that Design Rebirth is able to expand its portfolio year after year.

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