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D5 Studio Image’s name is derived from the idea that it takes all five senses to inspire good interior design. This philosophy drives and motivates the interior design firm, with its team members operating like the five senses by bouncing ideas off one another and brainstorming innovative design concepts. This collaborative working culture often leads to designs that are greater than the sum of its parts. Working closely together has also resulted in a tight-knit team. This belief also extends beyond the confines of the design firm.

Led by founder Andrew Ching, the D5 Studio Image team strongly believes that to get the best from your home renovation, you need to have a good working relationship with the designer. In the last few years, as homeowners become bolder in their tastes and design preferences, D5 Studio Image is also keen on developing close collaborative relationships between designer and homeowner. In fact, D5 Studio Image believes in getting to know each client personally so its designers can understand your tastes, preferences and motivations. Two-way dialogue also opens the channel for you, giving you a more inclusive say in the overall design of your own home.

Coupled with more than a decade of experience – it was formed in 2003 – D5 Studio Image can confidently ensure quality and style with every project it takes on. The best part is that the designers maintain a fresh and energetic vibe that permeates the portfolio of its interior design work.

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