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At Artistroom, interior design is first and foremost about space planning. This is the company you should speak to if you’re hoping to make the most of your home, no matter its size. Helmed by husband and wife, Mark Chen and Katy Chong, this boutique design firm believes in a collaborative yet disciplined environment for its team of designers. “While each of our designers has his or her own style, we also concentrate on space planning first,” explains Mark. “Our designs have to cater to the needs of the homeowner.”

With homeowners getting savvier these days, Artistroom strives to keep up with the expectations and changing trends. Mark says, “When homeowners show us photos, we help them to pinpoint what exactly they like about the design. We then can guide them in terms of proportion and colour.”

Moving forward, Artistroom hopes to maintain the good work they have been doing and at the same time, to create something new. Mark elaborates, “We are constantly working with materials and perhaps we could use an existing material in a new way or create something new from it.”

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