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With a combined experience of more than 35 years, Alan Yap and Chanel Cheah are no strangers to the interior design industry. Together, they established AC Vision Design in 2013 with the aim of creating luxurious dream homes. Over the years, Alan, Chanel and their team have remained resolute in this fickle industry, thanks to their knack for developing a luxe and elegant look with bespoke detailing. Another specialty of the AC Vision Design team is its ability to craft homes that grow together with the homeowner. Years down the road, the timeless designs still hold up well, whether in terms of additional storage space or multi-functional rooms.

To stay relevant in this fast changing industry, AC Vision Design believes that the most important key to design is to understand homeowners and their needs. “Homeowners nowadays are very knowledgeable. They get many ideas from social media,” explains Chanel Cheah. “We help them in their decision-making by giving them advice and providing 3D drawings.”

To upgrade its services and provide a better environment for designers and clients to meet and work, AC Vision Design’s showroom is a welcome haven for ideas and inspiration. The materials library continues to be refreshed and updated with new and innovative materials for countertops, walls and flooring. You’ll be able to browse the collections and have a better understanding of the materials available to use in your own home.

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