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    We're here to help! Renovating the home can be a challenge, with so many interior designers, stylists and contractors in Singapore to choose from.
    Start here, with out hitlist of the people, brands and companies that we trust and support.



    AC Vision Design

    Looking for a sophisticated spin on your interior design? AC Vision Design specialises in giving dream homes the look of luxury.

    Altered Interior

    Over the years, Altered Interior has won the recognition and keen support of its valued customers, thanks to the company’s creativity and professionalism


    At Artistroom, interior design is first and foremost about space planning. This is the company you should speak to if you're hoping to make the most of your home, no matter its size.

    Asialand ID

    Asialand ID specialises in designing and building landed homes that balance luxury details with a sense of comfort and homeliness.

    D' Initial Concept

    D' Initial Concept has developed a reputation for designing homes with a strong emphasis on soft textures, bold colours and a warm, welcoming ambience – a signature look they describe as "home style".

    D5 Studio Image

    The D5 Studio Image team strongly believes that to get the best from your home renovation, you need to have a good working relationship with the designer.

    Design Chapterz

    At Design Chapterz, the designers work hard and play hard. Their friendly personalities and professional practices make a big impact that continues to draw a steady stream of positive testimonials and referrals.

    Design Rebirth

    Known for its polished, contemporary, hotel-like interiors, Design Rebirth is regularly sought after for its signature style that it brings to each project it takes on.


    The name I.D.I.D stands for Ideas Defined In Details, as the founders believe quality workmanship, creativity, uniqueness and the attention to details form the hallmark of their design work.

    Image Creative Design

    Established in 1995, Image Creative Design has grown from a small family business into the interior design leader it is now.

    In-Expat x Upstairs_

    In-Expat x Upstairs_ is the result of a unique partnership between builders and designers where interior design is more than just the renovation of a space.

    Joey Khu ID

    Each project by Joey Khu ID is consistently refined with close attention to details and quality workmanship.

    Linear Space Concepts

    Not one for predictability or banality, Linear Space is a boutique design agency that prefers to think out of the box.

    Living Gaia

    Unlike many other interior design firms in Singapore, Living Gaia doesn't simply offer simple, one-size-fits-all design. In fact, this is a design firm that is driven by the philosophy that a home should connect with its owners on a deeper level.

    M3 Studio

    M3 Studio has built a reputation for producing innovative designs that don't compromise on functionality.

    Meter Cube Interiors

    Designing your home is to design a space meant just for you.

    Neu Konceptz

    Neu Konceptz started out in June 2013 as a close-knit team of three. Over the past years, the company has taken utmost care in growing and nurturing its team.


    Poetus infuses homes with unique ideas, bespoke designs and distinct personalities.

    Project Creative

    Project Creative believes that interior design has no limits to its creativity.

    Rhiss Interior

    Constant adaptation and an adventurous approach to design keep Rhiss Interior at the forefront of this industry.

    Space Vision Design

    Ask Arean Wong what he likes about design and he readily answers, “It’s my passion.”

    Story Of Us

    Story of Us is unequivocally dedicated to design that is always accompanied by a personal touch.

    Ted ID

    ted iD aims to change and improve the interior design industry, one project at a time

    The Interior Library

    Known for their work in classic designs, The Interior Library strives to always produce a design that is beautiful and functional.

    The Interior Place

    In the highly competitive world of interior design, tenacity, daring and versatility are the qualities that separate the exceptional designers from the mediocre ones.

    The Orange Cube

    The Orange Cube approaches its projects with a fine balance of logic and aesthetics.

    Third Avenue Studio

    Third Avenue Studio is founded on an organic approach to design; there is nothing formulaic about what they do

    Three-d Conceptwerke

    Three-D Conceptwerke has never been a fan of conformity. On the contrary, the firm is a champion of creativity.

    Unimax Creative

    Unimax Creative is a highly regarded interior design firm that first started its design endeavours in 1997.

    Vän Hus Interior Design

    A friendship-style partnership allows Vän Hus to truly understand you and design a home that is customised to your preferences.

    Over the past 19 years that has been in the industry, it has consistently proven its creative mettle with work.